In-game and Web Rules:

--- Milder / Moderate infringement:

Account & General:

1. Your characters, guild, pets or Arena team name can't be exceeds / cross the ethical boundaries!

2. Never interfere players in their game session!

3. Never interfere players on Events or Challenge!


1. Do not use obscene words and anything referring to racism!

2. Forbidden to provoke or scolding others!

3. Forbidden to criticise our servers on the public chat!

4. Forbidden to spam, to use capslock on the public chat!

--- Serious Infringements:


1. Forbidden to advertise other servers on Empire WoW!

2. Forbidden to publish anything what violates personal rights!

Cheating & Hacking:

Forbidden to use any kind of bug or softwares to get advantage against other players!


Forbidden to get in or offer wintrade!

--- Rules related to Game Master & Admins:

- Never ask our team unnecessarily, just if you really need help!

- Do not interfere Game Masters and Admins in their work!

- Never pretend you are one of the Empire WoW team!

- Do not ask for items or advantage.

- Never contact the Empire WoW team for membership!

- We take no responsibility for your account if you trade it or lost it!

--- Sentencing:

- Our moderators always judge regarding the extent of the infringement.

- Punishments can be executed without any notice.

- Milder infringements may entail mute or kick.

- Serious infrigements may entail temporary or permanent ban.

Conditions relating to personal data:

The Empire WoW team always care the personal data confidentially and never gives out to 3rd parties.


- Lack of knowledge of the rules did not absolve them from following them.

- By registering, the user (player) agrees to take responsibility and accept the penalty imposed for violating the rules.

- By registering, the player agrees to our privacy policy.

- The Empire WoW team reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice.