Demon Valley Zone


Demon Valley is a custom "farmzone" on Eclipse, featuring many quests and challenges for solo players or small groups. The zone's enemies are the demons invading the area. Players can follow the main path of the zone to reach the main boss Azgodeth.

  • Basic difficulty: 1 players
  • Boss difficulty: 3 players


  1. How to Get to the Demon Valley Zone 
  2. Quests Overview
  3. Zone drops
    1. Turn-ins


How to Get to the Demon Valley Zone on Eclipse

To get to Demon Valley, you can simply use the Teleporter NPC or the command .tele demon.

Quests Overview

In the Demon Valley Zone you start all your quests in the operations center. It's a shared camp between the horde and alliance factions against the enemy forces.

The Operations Center.

Warlord Wolfmane, Captain Stonebridge, Blood Guard Agronak and Doctor Tinkerfizz will provide quests for you on a daily basis. You can find one of the quests below from the questgivers randomly per day.

Questgiver Quest Name(s) Reward(s) Difficulty
Warlord Wolfmane
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Azgodeth
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: The Demon Commanders

150 gold, 15 Empire Coin

  • 3 Players
  • 2 Players
Captain Stonebridge
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Felblood Warriors
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Wrathbringers
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Fel Hounds
50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo
Blood Guard Agronak
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Doom Guards
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Sisters of Doom
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Fel Cannons
50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo
Doctor Tinkerfizz
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Fel Samples
  • Daily Demon Valley Quest: Hellboar Spikes
50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo


Zone Drops

Every enemy in the zone drops Empire Coin. Basic enemies drop 1, elites drop 2-3, the boss drops 4-5 Empire Coin. There is also a chance for Void Artifact and Fel Crystal drops.

Waiting for you at the portal.


Fel Crystal drops can be turned in for Empire Coin. Find Sergeant Stevens in the Operactions Center for turn-in.

Sergeant Stevens.

Item Turn-in for Description
10 Fel Crystal 10 Empire Coin Collect crystals from the ground and from enemies.