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Empire WoW - Eclipse Realm

Realm Eclipse has opened on September 21, 2020. Eclipse is an instant Lvl 80 realm with both PvP and PvE elements, featuring countless custom and never-before seen unique content. Eclipse is also ispired by oldschool private servers, paying homage to their best features through it's own unique take on them.


Version: 3.3.5a
Realm Type: PvP/PvE
Rate: Instant 80 / Full talent
Other info
 Mall: Yes
 Starter Gear: Yes
 Teleporter: Yes
 Custom Content: Yes
Cross Faction Play: Yes
Player Commands: Limited
Important Rates
Drop Items: 1x
Drop Money: 1x
Honor Gain: 0.2x
Reputation Gain: 1x
SkillGain Crafting: 6x
SkillGain Gathering: 1x
InstanceResetTime: 1x



  1. Server Trailer
  2. Cross Faction & Starting
    1. Available in the Mall
  3. Custom Zones
  4. Custom Items
  5. Custom Events
  6. VIP Membership
  7. Vote Shop
  8. Content Map
  9. Player Commands
    1. Special Player Commands


Server Trailer


Trailer Coming soon...


Cross-faction Mall & Starting

Our mall is shared between the Horde & Alliance in a contested sanctuary area, featuring every necessary vendors to start.

The Mall.

When you first login, you start with no gear. You need to travel around the mall area and buy the Tier 10 or the Season 8 set and weapons. You can buy enchants, glyphs, gems, etc. All these items are free and are there to help you get started. You can also train any profession of your choice by travelling through a portal to our custom Profession Island.

Avilable in the Mall

  • Starter Gear: Tier 10 / Season 8
  • Custom Gear: All Custom Sets and Accessories
  • Gems/Gylphs/Enchants/Reforge
  • Mounts/Pets/Toys
  • Barber/Morpher
  • Daily/Weekly Quests
  • Starter Farmzone with a World Boss
  • Portal Hub
  • L70ETC Concert every 4 hours


Custom Zones

Eclipse has highly customised end-game content. Three custom zones are available, designed to different levels of end-game progress. Every one of them will be more challanging than the prevoius, as you collert better gear along the way.

You can find more detailed info about our Zones in the Guides Section.

Custom Items

On Eclipse, you work towards obtaining custom gear. You can collect the BG Set from Battlegrounds, the Arena Set from Arena games and the Prime Set from Events. There are a lot of accessories that accompany these sets, including rings, trinkets and bags,

Custom Events

One of Eclipse's main features are the Events. We have plenty of events to participate in, such as Jump, Treasure Hunt, Red Light Green Light, Boss Event, PvP Chamionships, and much more! Events are handled by a very advanced Event Automatizer system and only supervised by Game Masters.

PvP Championship Event.

You can find more detailed info about Events in the Guides Section.


VIP Membership

If you want to support our work, you can do so by becoming a VIP member. VIP members get extra non pay-to-win benefits, such as cheaper item prices and quality of life features.

You can find more detailed info about VIP membership options on our VIP page.

Vote Shop

Unique and fun items are available on the Vote Store. All of these different vote items come in a wide range of prices, so voting every 12 hours is highly recommended.


Content Map


Player Commands

Player commands are enabled on the server. You can a list of available commands below:

Name Command Description


Shows a list of available commands.

.help (command)

Display usage instructions about a given command.


Teleports you to a specific location.


You can save your character manually if you want.


Teleports you to a specified location if you're stuck.


Shows stats about your PvP activity.

Special Player Commands

Name Command  


Buffs you character into full party buff.