Mall Farmzone


The Mall Farmzone is the first "farmzone" introduced on Eclipse. It features 6 daily quests, collectable turn-in items and a World Boss called Ixos.

  • Basic difficulty: 1 player
  • Boss difficulty: 5 players


  1. How to Find the Mall Farmzone on Eclipse
  2. Quests Overview
  3. Zone Drops
    1. Turn-ins
  4. Ixos (World Boss)
    1. Ixos Drops


How to Find the Mall Farmzone on Eclipse

The Mall Farmzone is located in the Mall. You can use the Teleporter NPC or the command .tele mall to get there.

The Mall.


Quests Overview

There are five unique quest givers attached to the Mall Farmzone. NekrosNat Pagle, Renn McGill, Lau'Tiki and Felicia will provide these quests for you every day.

Daily Quests List

Questgiver Quest Name(s) Rewards(s) Difficulty
  • Daily Mall Quest: Ixos
  • Daily Mall Quest: Elemental Cores
  • 150 gold, 30 Empire Coin
  • 50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • 5 Players
  • Solo
Nat Pagle

Daily Mall Quest: Lake Trouts

  • 50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo
Renn McGill Daily Mall Quest: The Lake Elementals
  • 50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo
Lau'Tiki Daily Mall Quest: Collecting Crabs
  • 50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo
Felicia Daily Mall Quest: Purple Flowers
  • 50 gold, 10 Empire Coin
  • Solo


Zone Drops

Every elemental will drop 1 Empire Coin.


There is a chance you'll get a Rare Lake Elemental Core dropped by Lake Elementals or you can fish up a Rare Lake Eel from the Lake Trout schools, and there is a chance for Void Artifact drops too. The rare drops can be exchanged for Empire Coin at the Mall Farmzone Turn-ins NPC.

Mall Turn-ins.

Items Turn-in for Description
Core of Ixos 10 Empire Coin Core drops from Ixos.
Rare Lake Elemental Core 5 Empire Coin Core drops from Elementals.
Rare Lake Eel
Empire Coin Eel drops from Lake Trout schools.


Ixos (World Boss)

The Mall Farmzone has a world boss, named Ixos. It's a water elemental, and you will need a 5 player group to go for the kill. Ixos's respawn time is 3 hours.


Ixos Drops

Currencies Specific Item Drops Gear Item Drops
  • 8x Empire Shard
  • 1x Void Artifact
  • 1x Core of Ixos
  • none